Do you doubt the existence of the Black Pope?

Meet Jean Baptiste Janssens (1889-1964).
Black Pope from 1946 to 1964.

Technically known as Superior General of the Society of Jesus. Be ready to be shocked when you check out the links about the Black Pope.

In 1938 another UFO crashed This time in Czernica,Poland.

The craft and bodies were also removed to Wewelsburg Castle.

UFO crash in the Black Forest outside Freiberg Germany-1936 

There has been much written about this event, but it is largely unknown in the United States.The craft and several bodies were allegedly taken to Wewelsburg Castle where the Nazi's re-engineered the technology.There are several links posted in the Links section.

Operation Paperclip

Who would believe that in 1945 the United States government would allow Nazi's to enter the country and have their records expunged and destroyed so they could work for the government. By the way, this was against the law! Wait until you check the links and see that Werhner von Braun, the revered head of NASA, was a Nazi and a member of the SS.

Wewelsburg Castle

Wewelsburg Castle was Himmler's dream to be the "Center of the World." and was the focal point for all Nazi occult activity.

It was partially destroyed at the end of World War two and has since been restored and is called "The Nazi Museum."


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