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By Danielle Urban on July 1, 2016

Urban Lit Magazine

The Vatican Protocol by Brian Gallagher is one highly entertaining novel. It's one of the few novels that exactly holds every theory on aliens, government, and religion as well as the advanced technology. As a Catholic, I enjoyed this thriller like rush, of a plot and the determination of the main character. Readers can easily lose themselves in this complex tale. The danger creates an edge of your seat thrill that readers can't deny. I was so deep in the story that I read it all within a day.

Vatican Protocol shows a writer looking for an interesting story to write. Low and behold, Sean O'Shea finds just that...but what he didn't expect was for his story to be more than just an interesting was real. Agents, UFO crash, the Black Forest and Nazis involvement is sure to gain readers' attention. What started off as a research for a tale turn out to be a whole lot more complicated and deadly. As the writer continues with his research people are being murdered and he becomes the next target. A cover-up that involves the world's greatest conspiracy stories is found all masterfully woven inside this remarkable read. The question on whether Sean O'Shea lives to tell it is one that readers must dive into themselves to solve. Overall, I loved reading this brilliant thriller, and I highly recommend it to readers everywhere.

Review Rating: 5 stars out of 5

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Carol Coetzee

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Do you believe in aliens and conspiracies? Sean is an aspiring writer, but has never yet found anything that truly motivates him. Many unfinished manuscripts later, he picks up on the idea of Aliens and UFO's. His interest is well and truly piqued! After discussions with friends who have heard some stories, and a CIA friend whose story is eerily similar, Sean decides to investigate further and discover the truth. However, many before him have attempted to uncover this truth, and all have died for their beliefs. How far will Sean go to discover the truth, and how many will die before he is finished? Sean's journey will take him across continents, from Nazi Germany, to castles, to the Vatican. Follow his journey in The Vatican Protocol by Brian Gallagher.

A well kept secret and a conspiracy theory. Confronting and challenging religious doctrine and the Vatican is always dangerous. Wartime Germany and Nazi secrets, castles, secret societies, and a Catholic Pope. How could these themes possibly tie together? We travel across continents, plunge into dangerous waters, and follow one man as he risks his life, and that of others, to uncover the mysteries of alien contact, advanced technology, conspiracies and frightening religious truths. In The Vatican Protocol by Brian Gallagher, Sean will face danger at every turn to uncover the truth. Somewhat reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code, or at least as controversial, this book will challenge your beliefs as you plunge through this harrowing thriller. Loved the story and the idea. A must-read for all lovers of The Da Vinci Code and conspiracy theories!

Review Rating: 4 stars out of 4

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Vatican Protocol by Brian Gallagher is a novel about an aspiring author’s present-day investigation into two UFO crashes in 1930’s Germany and Poland. Add in the possibility of a massive cover-up by the Nazis and the Vatican and you have all the makings of an engrossing thriller.

Financially strapped due to the housing crisis, family man Sean O’Hara becomes interested in writing an investigative book about UFO’s and aliens. His friend Alan Rockenbach tells him that there were rumors of a UFO crash in the Black Forest area in Germany where he grew up, and a similar event in Poland. There were signs of a cover-up by the Nazis at the time. Sean organizes a team to investigate the decades-old incidents, including Alan, CIA contacts referred by Sean’s vacation home caretaker, and Alan’s German cousins. It quickly becomes clear that they are in danger; over the years, four people have turned up dead after asking too many questions about these UFO sightings.

I thoroughly enjoyed this plot-driven book. The author has created a set of puzzle pieces that interconnect seamlessly. There is a large cast of interesting characters. However, I found it difficult at times to keep track of the minor characters, particularly in the first half of the story.

The story moves smoothly across multiple settings, including Wisconsin, Oregon, Germany, France, Amsterdam, and the Vatican. Each setting had a distinct feel and I felt like I was right there in each place. There are many details that connect to the main plot, but I was easily able to follow along. The team frequently gets together to discuss their findings and plan their next move. This is a nice plot device that keeps the reader on track.

While the first half of the story is interesting, there is a “hurry up and wait” pacing, with different members of the group interviewing people on several fronts. The tension builds in the second half and the storyline roars full steam ahead to a dazzling ending.

 The story was very creative and kept me guessing every step of the way. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys international thrillers with a historical angle. I look forward to reading future books by this debut author.

Review Rating 5 out of 5

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Vatican Protocol by Brian Gallagher starts off in the era of Nazi Germany, with very real and documented events concerning a UFO crash in 1936 near Freiburg within the Black Forest. The story is very well told, and catches the reader from the very first chapter with explicit details of a cover up of the downed saucer by the Nazis. As they race for world domination, soldiers of the SS recover the craft with mentions of the Vril secret society and Hitler's scientists looking to reverse engineer the technology that they happen to come upon for the V-2 rocket. As we know, the Nazis didn't win the war, but the cover up of the downed craft remained a secret for many years thereafter.

The fable continues in modern times, when struggling author Sean O'Shea is seeking to write a best seller in order to save him from his financial woes. He confides in close friends familiar with the UFO story, and soon learns how deep the secret of the UFO crash goes-Up to and including the Vatican itself.

Without a doubt, this book was very well researched with dates and events mentioned matching precisely to the history books, news, and documentation. Even the locations of businesses and restaurants are all very real, making one wonder if the story itself actually happened. The author is also talented in his detailed expression of writing, painting clear and intricate scenes of the situations at hand. This novel would be best enjoyed by those craving a great story about UFO conspiracies, and cover ups by the sometimes nefarious clandestine societies guarding the secrets of the crash. I also believe it's a must read for fans of History Channel's Ancient Aliens, along with listeners of the popular radio talk show Coast to Coast AM. I gladly, and without reserve rate this title 5 out of 5 stars. With such attention to detail, and documented facts peppered throughout the book, I will want to read it again and discuss the topic with other fans who I'm sure will find it as intriguing as I did.




Review Rating:    5 stars! out of 5

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Paul F. Johnson         

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Sean O'Shea had it all. Then the housing bubble took most of it away. Now nearly bankrupt, the struggling writer is searching for the perfect story to create a best seller, something to regain his financial independence and self-esteem. His interest is piqued when he learns of a 1936 UFO crash in Germany's Black Forest, then of another UFO incident in Poland in 1939, but even more so with the discovery of Nazi involvement with both, and more. Along the way, he uncovers secret assassinations of previous investigators and even the possible involvement of the Vatican. Things really begin to heat up as potential witnesses are murdered and he becomes the target of deadly agents sent by the most powerful man in the Vatican - the Black Pope. Determined to see it through, his friends and new acquaintances search and ultimately find that a combination of UFOs, Nazis, Wewelsburg Castle and the Vatican are all connected. He now has the ultimate story, though he has to stay alive to get it published.

Aliens, Nazis and the Vatican - what could be better for a story? Brian Gallagher has done a superb job combining history, mystery, religion, conspiracies, murder, intrigue and, of course, aliens in The Vatican Protocol. A slightly slow start while building early character background but once the action started, wow, it took off like a rocket. The characters were very well developed and believable. The plot was strong and compelling, full of action and adventure. The author is a great story teller and I found myself eagerly ready to turn the next page. Very nicely done.





Review Rating: 4 stars.

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Cheryl E. Rodriguez

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The Vatican Protocol by Brian Gallagher is a conspiracy theorist's dream come true. Sean O’Shea is an UFO enthusiast. Needing something to occupy his time, O’Shea decides to write a book about the rumored Nazi involvement with UFOs. The idea of alien technology in Hitler’s hands was incredible - an old story with a new twist. His research takes him to Germany where he gathers together a team of investigators. Soon, Sean’s adventurous quest turns into a dangerous pursuit of truth. With each new discovery, life becomes more perilous. Who is trying to keep the UFO information from coming out? Following clues held within a labyrinth of lies, Sean and his team realize all roads lead to Rome. There is conspiracy embedded in the catacombs of the Vatican. A modus operandi has operated for decades. A secret order run by the Black Pope has a veiled agenda, and it is a far cry from piety. The secret order’s mission: hide what needs to be hidden, and eliminate all threats to the Church.

Brian Gallagher pens a tale of intrigue and suspense in The Vatican Protocol. Gradually, Gallagher builds his cast of characters and places them in the heart of Europe. As the stage is being set, the mysterious plot seduces the reader. This narrative creates an enticing maze, full of action and twists and turns, but from the very beginning reveals what lies at the maze’s end. Using the hero to navigate the twisted path, the reader anticipates the dangerous road ahead. The conflict of good and evil is highlighted by the idea of what will happen if the evil is exposed, causing the characters to consider that the greater good could be to keep the evil conspiracy buried. This dilemma creates a moral challenge for the characters to consider. It is within this premise that the characters grow and develop. Overall, The Vatican Protocol is entertaining, albeit a bit predictable. When all else fails, blame the Church. Right? However, I truly enjoyed the ending. The conclusion paints the picture held within the soul of every writer - what if my imaginings turn out to be real?








Review rating: 4 stars out of 4

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Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer,
Midwest Book Review

Fans of intrigue rooted in religious tradition and history and steeped in the mysteries of sects, discoveries, and ancient texts will relish Brian Gallagher's The Vatican Protocol, a novel based on real events.

Sean O’Shea is researching clues pointing to alien life; but the last place he expects these clues to lead is to a cover-up involving the Vatican. His journey to a secret UFO crash site in Germany starts the clock ticking over the Vatican's most closely-held secret: one that will shake the foundations of religion, humanity, and perhaps reality itself. 

The Vatican Protocol opens with a bang - the bang of a crashed aircraft in Germany - and creates a tense thriller that begins with events in 1936 and immediately moves to 2014, where Sean, who has lost nearly everything in a financial meltdown, has cultivated a goal-oriented approach to life that has returned his world to a semblance of stability. 

His desire to probe mysteries and create a great book in the process leads to an obsession with history and supernatural forces that swirl into intrigue, death, and some hard truths that rival anything he could have dreamed about aliens and mankind.

 Black operations groups, old wars between popes and Catholic hierarchies, heretics and philosophies challenged, and castles, labs, and dangerous discoveries all blend in a thriller centered on religious secrets. 

Readers will find The Vatican Protocol follows no predictable paths and involves an unusual kind of power struggle that sharply redefines Sean's life, purposes, and the extent he will travel in his search for the truth. There are many surprises along the way, embedding the story line with a progressively tense atmosphere to keep readers guessing about the truth. 

Any who have enjoyed The DaVinci Code and Indiana Jones adventures will find The Vatican Protocol a hard-hitting novel of intrigue and adventure whose protagonist crosses continents in a quest to reveal an increasingly challenging truth.


Review rating 4 stars out of 4

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Joel R. Dennstedt

for Readers’ Favorite

The Vatican Protocol by Brian Gallagher pulls from several popularly supported and media reproduced claims regarding secret conspiracies, UFO sightings, cover-ups, governmental intrusions with inordinately heavy-handed tactics, including a particular focus on the religious abnormalities perpetrated by the Vatican as represented rather exhaustively in the best-selling The Da Vinci Code. To top it off, the plot begins with Nazis. Sean O’Shea is a contemporary American author searching for that elusive blockbuster plot that will shake up the entire world. Learning the background details of a UFO crash in Germany’s Black Forest in 1936 sets him on the trail of his ultimate dream story, but also enmeshes him dangerously in the elements of darkest intrigue involving Vatican dark projects, clandestine CIA activities, foreign police corruption, and the unwanted attention of being targeted by trained assassins.

Brian Gallagher does a good job of keeping the momentum high in The Vatican Protocol, and he creates a rather plausible story line to move the plot along. His writing holds to the traditions of the contemporary thriller, and he makes sure to people his tale with interesting folks. He also adds the trivia of necessary details to make his characters seem real, while managing to elevate the sense of urgency in their quest. At times, the editing of this story can seem abrupt, but the author keeps his pace and retains the reader’s interest. With plenty of fatalities to go around, Mr. Gallagher keeps the fate of his main character uncertain to the end, which keeps the reader reading.